Thursday, December 29, 2011

-RM 74-


rnh ak nak wat recap pasal running man ep 74..know why?becoz this ep is the best ep la among others..=D

this ep is the 2nd grand nh start with...

rm members need to find couple 2 enter the krismas party.

n jaesuk alone..pity him..being betrayed by haha.

after that, dorg dberi a magic potion each person..these are their powers...

jaesuk - space controller (can make a person be at wherever he wants)
jihyo - mind controller (know others power) & reflection (member who tear her tag will be out)
jongkook - six sense (know other members movements)
haha - time controller (back time)
gary - duplicator (has 4 other gary)
sukjin - phoenix (has 3 lives)
kwangsoo - death note (can write a name n that member will be out)

so..the battle begin..

first jh tore sj tag but he still have 2 other lives..jh, js, jk tore gary's tag..then, ks found his death note..he wrote js name. so js out.. sj, gary n js mad at ks becoz didn't wrote jk's name.
after that, haha n jk tore sj 2 others out..jh n jk wanted to tear haha's tag but haha used his power to turn back time to 1 hour earlier n then.....all members get their lives back. that is such a reversal of the game la..bayangkan..tgal 3 j lg tbe2 sume idup blik

so..the game began again..ks wrote jk name.jk out..ks tore jh's tag but he got out bcoz of reflection power. that tyme all members shocked bcoz not even a member knew jh's power. then, js n gary tore sj's tag..js use his power to called haha..but the finally bcame ally to tore gary's n jh's tags. haha tore jh's tag n gary tore haha's..the end, gary tore js's..n this make gary as the winner AGAIN..that's bcoz in the grand final season 1 gary also the winner..

gary received a present..a tour to europe! n he ask jh to come with him..jokingly..
actually kan..kalo haha xgne power die, jh will be the winner coz if jk tore her tag, jk will be out. so jh win..but....

for me la..this is the best RM..gud job la RM PD n writers..kan da kte dorg nh kretif sgt..^^

love RM soooo much~

yuki's note: mlm nh gayo daejun.xle tgk.tenet slow..seb bek ad kat utube. n luckily le tgk utube tp...xle dload..xpela.asal le tgk =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

-new kdrama 2012-

10 days to 2012..

as far as i know, there will be some new kdrama that will be air in 2012..they are...

dream high 2
really anticipate it..dream high 1 sgt dream high 2?
the cast will be...kang sora, jiyeon (t-ara), hyorin (sistar), jinwoon (2am), kahi (after school)

the moon that embraces the sun
fantasy-historical drama...
kim soo hyun (dream high) n han ga in (yoo hee)..

king of chosun
a historical drama^^
lee byun hyun (iris) n han hyo joo (dong yi, shining inheritance)

shut up flower boy band
a flower boy drama.haha
ad L-infinite...

fashion king
yoo ah in (geol oh), shin se kyung, yuri

love rain
jang geun suk, yoona k cte2 nh? nantikan....=D

yuki's note: len kali drop hno3 2 ckt2..xdela smpai pH terover sgt jdnye..aigoo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

-running man-

running man is one of korean variety show or known as urban action variety...(2 ayat dri
RM nh mcm v.show2 laen jgak..consist of 1 main mc n 6 other permanent guest. they are:

yoo jae suk (main mc)
kim jong kook
song ji hyo
kang gary
ji suk jin
lee kwang soo

n in each episode, there will be 2 or 3 guests.

run! do not walk! that is the 1st sentence that has been given by suk jin in 1st ep..yeah, mostly all the games involve running. until now, 73 ep has been broadcasted via SBS.

so..what RM is about?

its a fun can release tension when watching it. cant stop laughing.
in each ep, they will be divided into teams. then, the PD will give them missions. n which group can finish the missions first is the winner..sometimes, they conduct individual missions.

others, the missions for each ep will be going in various landmark in korea. n most af the places will make me like....'i want to go there!'..n they also had filem outside korea like china, thailand and hong kong!

examples of the games?

all the games are unique..n sometimes i wondered, who is these game creator? genius~
the games like....

speed quiz
one challenge game
find the guest
find items
relay song challenge

they will compete to win these games. the funny thing is when they are divided into teams, they will find a way or komplot with each other to eliminate jongkook first. that's becoz jongkook is known as commander or sparta kook, which his power is unbeatable. owh! here is the list of nicknames that they have..

jaesuk- grasshopper, yooruce willis, yoohyuk
jongkook- commander, sparta kook
jihyo- ace, monday couple gf
haha- haroro
gary- monday couple bf
suk jin- big nose hyung, dumb n dumber 2011, easy brothers
kwang soo- kwangvatar, dumb n dumber 2011, easy brothers


lots of korean celebrities has came to this like tvxq, snsd, park ye jin, kim sooro n other kpop group, actors and actress plus even comedian.
RM members like actress and girl group to come. hahaha. ecspecially haha. all pretty actress he claimed as the last person he loved..majimak saranghae!

the landmarks?

many places in korea has been the landmarks for theis

jeju island
incheon airport
seoul arts centre
hanyang university
company, bookstore, restaurant, street market

nowadays, RM has been an international maybe in korea needs to compete with 1 night 2 days (1N2D) and infinity challenges becoz those are the veteran in korea.
but! i think internationally, people love RM more. it has been proved in the thailand, china, hk episodes where hundred of people waited for them at the airport. even at their mission places.
n even VJ kwonryul n maknae FD have their own popularity outside the country..lucky kwonryul coz he is jaesuk VJ=D...if we looked at FB, the most followers for RM pages is come from malaysia. and again, its so different during the first time RM has been broadcasted back in july 2010. its not as popular as now.

special about RM?

jaesuk as the main mc
jihyo-gary as monday couple
jongkook , haha, gary as jongkook n 2 children
kwangsoo, sukjin as easy brothers

they bring so much laughter to RM. RM is really a unique, best, fun

today..RM has been reported as obtained rating viewer 19.2% in korea. just behing 1N2D. its nearly 20% already.congrate RM! n Cho PD said, they will be rest from doing RM outside the country and i think its better. i like RM doing in korea more than outside^^

Running Man hwaiting! hope the ep will be longer like 1N2D, infinity challenge...dun wanna it be like FO.just until 85..

miss active joongki very much..king sejong^^

RM saranghae!

info from wikipedia n allkpop

yuki's note: esok blik!^^

Saturday, December 17, 2011


hangul is a korean writing system. created by king sejong during joseon dynasty. and hangul was completed fully around 1443-1444. the hall of worthies (jiphyeonjeon) is often credit for this work. jiphyeonjeon is an institute that made by king sejong to produce scholars in Gyeongbokgung palace.

b4 the used of hangul in korean writing system..all of them were using chinese writing system, hanja in their works. hanja is used hundred years ago. for hanja, only priviledge aristocrats (yangban) can write and read's different for common people during that time. they cannot read or even write hanja because hanja writing is quite difficult.

so..king sejong created the hangul for the commoner to easily write and read. in the beginning, the hangul system faced opposition from elite people and korean Confucian scholars because they believed that hanja is the only writing system. plus, they also worried that hangul could give threat to their status.

so..these are some of the hangul letters..

14 consonant letters
1. ㄱ (g); 2. ㄴ (n); 3. ㄷ (d); 4. ㄹ (l/r); 5. ㅁ (m); 6. ㅂ (b); 7. ㅅ (s); 8. ㅇ (-/ng); 9. ㅈ (j); 10. ㅊ (ch); 11. ㅋ (k); 12. ㅌ (t); 13.ㅍ (p); 14. ㅎ (h).

and its really easy actually. i know ckt2 la on how to write and read hangul^^

yuki's note: nh sume sbab tgk TWDR la..that why this hangul post come out..n memg btol la cte 2. pasal hangul, scholars, pasal serial killing n hidden root 2 xla kan..hee

credit to hangul wikipedia n TWDR

-soo crush?-

lee soo actor that i just knew bout him. he is 185cm. so no wonder he is a model. n also he is GD friend. he has been starred in 2ne1 its hurts mv.

he starred in TWDR. as an assassin. the coolest assassin ever.=D
in this drama, he needs to kill many scholars. he is a guard to the leader of a secret group that want to gulingkan king of joseon, sejong king.
but, beside being assassin, he is sooo cool and we can say...fashionable?haha

so..these are some of his pics from the drama^^

always wearing half-mask in the beginning

soo cool

love his hairstyle!

da cm a girl kan..

n now look at his real pic

nsem x?

a model~

so..a new crush? no la. just love 2 see her cool face

yuki's note: pasnh bole tgk whats up untok tgk soo hyuk blakon^^

pictures, credit to

Friday, December 16, 2011


this week tgal sorg lg dlm bilik..rumate blik
n maybe next whole week, she'll balik kg at kelantan, thus make me like living in a single room without rumate.haha
actually xksah pon. da biasa sorg. tp kekdg 2 boring jgak.

but..luckily i've sumting to watch this weekend, TWDR la..a really interesting, surprise n best drama
n hopefully ak xwat keje gler lg dgan pegi kua sorg2 kat penang nh..hee

yuki's note: nexwik kne serious doing labwork! hwaiting!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

-will miss u, youtube-

sad..utube has been block by USM today..
try to imagine..what will happen to a student that:

open utube everyday?
dload vid from utube everyday?

n then suddenly one day utube got block!

i cant imagine it b4 but now it happened. so, after this, i cant dload new mv, new song or even kpop anymore..da la 4shared pon xle dload!hukhuk

A: ad hikmah 2..
B: ape?
A: maybe pasnh ko xla buang masa mndload mcm2 dri utube 2
B: tp cne nk dga lgu bru kpop? da la 4shared pon xle dload
A: its not important la not like if u cant listen 2 new kpop song n u will eventually die? is it?
B: yes. memgla. tp....
A: xd tp2..just accept it. u'll get used by it one day..
B: yeah..hopefully

yuki's note: seb bek fb vid n kimchidrama vid can still be open. n seb bek ukiss tick tack da kua full mv..^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

-vampire prosecutor will come 2 end-

i'm just watching the 11th ep of VP..n the climax is there
means there 're so many questions that has not been answered yet!

who is the main vampire that killed taeyeon's sis n over hundred people?
who is taeyeon's superior actually? is he vampire too?
where is mr. park? n who is he actually?
is all taeyeon said is truth? or he is just create all the story himself? it is true that taeyeon actually kill all people like they all said?
can jung in n detective save him?
what ill happen in 12th ep?

aa! pening nak pk sume soalan nh..n all these Q will only be answered next week. can i wait patiently?

min tae yeon sgt nsem n cool!
yoo jung in sgt cute!
cte nh sgt best!
n i'll hope for VP 2^^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

-tree with deep roots-

i've been watching this drama lately..n this drama is...jinja daebak! sgt best. a historical drama never failed to get high rating in korea.

this drama start with..sejong king (king during joseon dynasty), who is afraid to make decision due to his own father, taejong (ex-king). one day, taejong ask guard to kill the king's father-in -law. the queen ask sejong to prevent it, but he can't. sejong nak lawan ayah die but his father's follower is too many.

the other side of this drama began with ddol beok, who his father died because of taejong. ddol beok willing 2 do anything for his father. sejong pnh selamatkan ddol beok dri dtgkap.
but he misunderstood. he thinks that sejong killed his father but actually taejong. so he want to kill the day

many years pass, ddol beok bcome kang chae yoon n work as soldier in palace. at that time, lot of murder happened n that targeted scholars. As Kang Chae-yoon investigates these cases and gets closer to the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the killings. Because of his father's death as child, Chae-yoon has grudge against the King and his childhood sweetheart (so yi), who became mute, was taken as a court lady. and a doctor who happned to be assisnsan group who aslo grugde aganist Sejong for his brother's death

saejong (teen) - joongki^^
ddol beok (adult) - janghyuk
so yi - shin se kyung

Friday, December 9, 2011


yeah..kpop wave in malaysia now.
its so different compared 2 3 years ago..back in 2008
back then, nak cri org yg knal suju, bb, dbsk pon amat skg major da knal. n even budak skola rendah da knal kpop. i'm quite shock la dlu ble budak darjah 6 know better than me bout kpop.

actually its all began with BOF i think..start dri hyunjoong jd jihoo. then search for SS and other kpop grups. n now, most of teenagers love kpop n sometime become too fanatic.

what is so good bout kpop?

catchy songs + best MV + superb dance
looks - not 2 deny that most of them are cute (xksahla dorg wat plastic surgey k x..thats their right)
variety shows - each group has their own that shows their true images n behavior. n they are so funny sometimes..n running man + family outing. like them the most! btw, RM pon da jd global
talent - suara dorg memg ad yg sgt sdap ; xiah, hyesung, kyuhyun, soohyun,, yiruma with his soft piano songs n sungha jung with his superb gitar play.

why kpop? not jpop or tpop n even epop (eng)?

well..yeah, each of them has their own fans. but nowadays i think kpop win!
mostly ske kpop more than other pop bcoz kpop nsem..kpop cute..n ofkos their songs
tpop - me, myself minat dorg dlu. 183 club, farenhait, 5566. but now, ntah mane2 la dorg g
jpop - ad j kwn2 minat jpop n ak pon. tp more 2 drama. their popular group pon cm ad a few j. arashi, kattun, ....n only in japan. not too international la
epop - memg rmai minat epop. fenomena skg Justin bieber la kan. tp ak xminat~

why crazy on kdrama? not malay drama?

malay drama..yes, rmai minat malay drama but i'm not. snopsis, theme are always the same. mostly on cinta terhalang, cinta novel, cte sedih..kekdg 2 pasal laki 2 jht sgt then akhirnye jmpe pompuan baik then die pon jd baik gak..
actually the storyline not bad sometimes. but the scene! so over okay..kalo nak 2njuk laki 2 jht n g disco minum2, 2njuk part 2 da la. nh x 2njuk scene org2 len menari ngn bju sexy amat, peluk2 laki pompuan. lg 1, kalo nak wat scene romantik antara suami is3 pon xpyh lebih2 sgt. smpai ad scene atas katil yg xpatot lnsg dletak dlm cte! makcik2 yg da tua sgt pon kekdg blakon stil nak pkai sexy2.ish3..da xseda k ape..
*ok..sorry sespe yg minat malay drama. but i think u all pon xske kan kalo makcik2 2 pkai sexy sgt. sgt xde motif ok*

len nye ngn kdrama. there are many theme., family, mystery, investigation..n their storyline pon xmelalut sgt. besides, pkaian dorg kekdg lg sopan than malay. so, baikla malay drama try wat cte mcm IRIS k, kim tak gu k..4 sure letup..hee

kalo korg ske sgt kpop, then ble 24/7 nak tiru kpop npe korg xske?bkn k korg patot menyokong 'industri hiburan malaysia (IHM)'?

oh..plis! 24/7? boleh jln la..mke xnsem, sore xdap, dance ati nak tiru kpop. xd identiti sndri la. merosakkan imej m'sia j kalo wat stage ngn sj..
but actually kan, IHM skg memg sgt concern ngn kpop2 nh. bcoz most teenagers nowadays da xminat mpop. so they try to find other alternative 2 make teenagers like mpop also. n the alternative is to form a group which is similar 2 kpop.
but i think la kan, their way 2 salah. kpop fans xkan ske mpop. dorg akan bandingkan lg mpop n kpop..'ish, wat rosak lgu suju j'..'mke xnsem ad ati wat photoshoot cm2'..
*sorry pd sesiape yg minat 24/7!*

BUT! from what i can see now, kpop fans cm da jd fanatic sgt. kekdg 2 smpai dorg marah2 n ckp words yg xpatot dcakap pd org yg kutuk kpop. biala kan. they have right to say anything. kalo dorg nak kte kpop 2 la, nh la..bia j. dorg ad minat sndri jgak..
n xpyahla smpai nak kte..'kmi benci org yg benci kpop'..that not right la. although i'm one of the kpop fans, but xdela smpai ak nak benci kngkwn ak yg xske kpop.
n 1 more thing. kalo ad org kte kpop artist 2 cntik sbub dorg wat plastic surgery, so xpyh nak minat sgt this situation xpyhla korg nak get angry ngn org 2 plak. just as i said, they have right 2 say that. n kte as a muslim xpyh nak dfend sgt kpop artist 2. ye. minat2 jgak tp we must remember that minat yg terlalu fanatic akan menjdikan kte lalai.. yes. lalai dri segi ibadat pd Allah, lalai dlm belajar, kerja..

so, 4 da conclusion, kalo nak minat pon berpada2 ye kwn2, adik2..dont get 2 over with this things. it might bring us to the wrong path^^

yuki's note: ~cassie, elf, kissme, vip, shawols~

*dont get angry kalo ad xpuas ati ngn post nh..chill *_^

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


dont know how to say..but i'm kind of tired..
i'm not saying that i regret wiv my decision to continue master at usm..NO
but i'm quite tired thinking how 2 get money..maybe others will say..'duit boleh dcari' but in my case now, i dont know to find it..

waiting for mybrain. but i'm just doing master so i'll only get money for the fee not for pocket money. although like that, i'm still hoping that i'll get the mymaster asap b4 feb next year. coz next feb, 2nd sem fee must be paid. if not from the mymaster, how i'm going to pay the fee?

actually, i'm trying to do partime job on9. i've tried several things but all didnt work. dont know what to do.. dont want to be a burden to my mom. pity her. omma, mianhae=(

so, for now, i try to save money, eat less.. hopefully there will be a solution 4 this..
ya Allah, bantulah hamba mu..amin~

yuki's note: xtaw nak ckp kat 2lis kat blog j..
okla tkah..juz go on with flow..think bout ur new project. its more important..aja!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

-vampire prosecutor vs me too, flower-

da lme xupdate blog kan..=D
skg nh nak cte pasal 2 kdrama yg ak tgh layan skg


drama bout a prosecutor yg kne gigit ngn vampire in an investigation to find the truth bout his younger sister murder..
then, da 7 taun berlalu..die ad kebolehan tok tgk kjadian bunuh yg berlaku dri mata c mati ble die minum darah c, from that, dpt la die selesaikan kes2 bunuh yg belaku..
so, in each ep 2njuk cne die n 3 org bwh die selesaikan kes2 homicide @ suicide..
sgt menarik sbub ak ske cte2 genre cmnh..=D


cte nh consist of a hero n 3 girls..
hero: sgt kaya. designer yg ad kdai sndri. tp malas nak kje kat kdai 2. die jd parking assistant kat kdai die 2. ( yoon si yoon-kim tak gu)
1st girl: a policewoman.die cm ad depression prob ckt.ske marah2.n cri gaduh ngn hero (lee ji ah-heroin 2nd athena)
2nd girl: business partner hero. die slalu desak hero kje kat kdai tp hero bestfren hero r.die ske hero.then ble hero rapat ngn 1st girl die cm jeles.
3rd girl: adik tri 1st girl.die nh ske laki kye j.ske brg2 jenama.t maybe die ske hero gak kot ble da taw hero 2 kye. (ex-mc MB-blakon SKK)

gikwang beast pon belakon..watak die sme j cm lam myprincess. kwn kpade heroin..
best la gak cte nh..bru ep 3..^^

yuki's note: da start labwork. so..HWAITING!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


H.O.T is a legend kpop group in korea
they debuted in 1996 n disbanded in 2001..
consist of 5 members

hee jun - leader
woo hyuk
jae won

at first..i wondered, why they said this group is a legend..
yeah..i just listened to their Candy n Haengbook..but with BB n SJ sang their songs
but yesterday, i downloaded a video that contain a part of H.O.T song..
when 1st time i listened it, i just felt like i already like that song..
jinja! that song is so catchy n makes me want to listen it over n over again^^

title of the song is WE ARE THE FUTURE..
like the song, the dance..
DBSK n SHINee also had sang this song

n now i realized why they said kangta is handsome..
he is soooooo handsome in his performance back 12 years ago =)

ok..going to download more H.O.T songs!
start to like them like i love SHINHWA

a legend - a begin of kpop boy band n girl group

p/s: ahh..SME really know how to chose a trainee n debut a wonder their artist are jinja daebak!...H.O.T-SHINHWA-S.E.S-BOA-DBSK-SUJU-SNSD-SHINee-F(X)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

-hari raya-

annyeong haseyo!^^

today we, muslim celebrate hari raya..
it been celebrated after 1 month we fasting in Ramadhan
we will visit our relatives, ask forgiveness from them if we do mistakes, eat delicious food & 'kuih raya' & also get money (duit raya) from them

so..these are some photos for today

my family

the food - 'kuih raya'

visit my grandparents house - eating delicious food

delicious food - 'nasi tomato, sate'

food at neighbours' house

kids usually get money from adults - known as 'duit raya'

p/s: this post is specially for ajou students^^

Saturday, August 6, 2011

-mr simple-

oleh krana ak bru on9 arinh afte a week xon9..
so..ak bru tgk mv mr simple td..

juz 2 n unik!

dance die pon cm simple j..part gerak tgn 2..=)
memg sj members nmpk matured la lam 2..
n eunhyuk agak menonjol sbub rambut die len dri yg len..huhu

kalo kat MB ad g 1 lgu dorg..superman
lgu 2 pon unik..memg xpnh ad lgu dorg stail cm2..

da 13 lgu included perfection lam 5th album ak bru dga 2 j..
but i'm sure sume lgu dorg best cm album2 b4 nh..hehe

yuki's note: SHINHWA comeback next march!..10th album..sgt x sabar nak tgk dorg 6 org as a grup blik=D
legendary grup 2..13 years as a grup..the longest korean grup in kpop history..since 1998




Saturday, July 30, 2011

-spy myungwol-

nh cte bru kor..
bru 6 ep..
cte die best..funny..n ad gak mystry nye

it begins with kang woo as a hallyu star in south korea n myungwol as an agent in north korea..
KW ad concert kat singapore..MW plak kne teman ank president north (kot) pegi tgk concert KW kat sngpore 2..ank pres 2 nak sign KW so die suh MW yg amekkan sign 2..
KW xnak bg sign die kat MW sbub die kte...'i dont give out my signature on the street'..
memg MW keja KW nak dpt last xdpt gak..

kat sngapore KW da beli 1 bku antik nh..bku 2 ad 4 but 3 ilang..xtaw pe connection KW ngn bku 2..die cm nak cri pasal past die..
tp partner MW, CR nak bku 2 gak..CR dtg sngapore ngn MW tp die cm ad mission len..
tyme CR nak rampas bku 2 dri KW, MW selamatkan KW..sbub die xtaw yg nak rampas bku 2 partner die sbub dorg sume bertopeng..

ble MW blik north, die bru taw yg partner die yg nak curi bku antik 2..die mcm nak tebus kesalahan die dgn nak curi blik bku 2 dri KW..
die g south..die ikot KW smpai tmpat pngambaran cte bru KW..n die selamatkn KW 4 da 2nd tyme sbub tbe2 j tmpat pngmbaran 2 meletup..

ble north dpt taw MW selamatkan artis dri south dorg marah..then pres north cm buat cte la yg MW g south actually sbub nak bwk blik KW ke north..yela..KW kan popular gle..

so..CR pegi south n suh MW pikat KW n kawin ngn KW so that in the end KW n MW le blik north..
skg nh MW dlm usaha nak pikat KW KW nh cm serious ckt..die nmpk j cm xlayan tp die pon cm da ske MW..

lawak r cte nh..n pasal mistri nye..pasal bku 2..actually ad 3 lg pihak yg nak bku 2..xtaw npe..

ok..this is the snopsis smpai ep ak da tgk la kan..(ep4)

yuki's note: lela..phm x snopsis ak? cte nh belit2 ckt
aza: jgn komen pasal heroin die ye=)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

-city hunter-

cte nh da lme..skg da 16 ep kat SBS..
tp ak bru tgk mgu lpas..2 pon sbub mak sdare ak dload..hee

cte nh sgt over gle best!bg ak la kan..
plakon die..lee min ho, park min young...sgt sesuai..=)

snopsis die cmnh..

28 years ago..special task force korea ad secret mission..21 org terlibat..
tp tetbe j mission 2 dcancelkan tok jge hubungan baik ngn amerika senye..
n 21 org 2 kne dhapuskan oleh pihak tentera korea sndri..
kre cm 21 org nh dbelot oleh negara dorg sndri la..
but only 1 survive..jin pyo..n die memg berazam tok revenge kat 5 org minister yg tyme 2 wat keputusan tok hapuskan dorg sume..
jin pyo culik anak kwn baik die moo yeol yg jugak terkorban lam mission 2..
die besarkan budak 2 kat thailand..memg die latih budak 2 dgn sgt bersungguh2 la sbub die nak budak 2 revenge kan tok die n 20 org lg yg terkorban dlu..budak 2 adalah lee minho...lee yun seung

28 years later

yunseung (ys) dtg korea..matlamat 1 j..tok revenge kat 5 minister 2.
jinpyo wat identity bru kat die..kje kat MIT lam blue house.
kat ci2 gak die knal park min young, na na..
lme2 ys ske na na n na na memg kne halang r ngn jinpyo sbub die da kte dlu ys xle ske sespe..

skg nh ys da revenge kat 3 minister..sume minister 2 memg jht sbub corruption la..bribery cases la..n now left 2 more minister..

tyme part die revenge 2 memg best sgt la sbub action die memg..perghhh...ske!
da la background music pon best..ost pon best..hee

ak bru tgk smpai ep14..cant wait 2 watch another ep..=)

tok sespe yg tgh cri cte kor bru tgkla cte nh..

yuki's note: 1st tyme ske WATAK lee min ho..personal taste xtgk..bof tgk xabes..haha

Sunday, July 10, 2011

-blaja keta-

wo hen hao pa~

i2la ayat yg sesuai tok ak skg..
ak kne prektis kete kamis nh..da 1st prektis
takotla..pegang stereng pon xpnh b4 nh weyh..

ak amek ngn adik ak die 2 cm xtakot j..yela.laki kan
tp kan..kalo ak xamek skg, ble lg ak nk amek..

mak ak pnh ckp kat ak..

mak: kalo xamek skg, bla lg nak amek?
ak: ala mak..xyah amek la lesen 2..
mak: abes2 nanti nak p keja cmna?
ak: nek bus, lrt j..kurgkan pencemaran alam n kesesakan lalu lintas..haha

gler kan ak..
ak memg la nak sgt lulus lesen kete 2 at da 1st fatin, nd, irah, apiq..dorg sgt teror!
yela kan..xmembazir duit..kalo repeat t kne baya lg..n ak da xnak lalui test 2 wat kali ke2..huu

so..ak arap sgtla kan..tecer aja kete ak t baik sgt..n jpj test ak t pon sgt baik..n ak n adik ak le lulus walopun ckup2 mkn j marks ktorg..amin=)

yuki's note: 2 zi n lel...gud luck 2! yourshimi hapshida~^^

n sok ak cti!udang xd!hehe

Sunday, July 3, 2011


lela..ziyen..andi..fatin..alia..mai..aza..pqah..emy..n 3SSC-ians
miss u'ol

miss those moments..


irah nh anak sdare ak yg plg ak rapat..
tiap kali ak blik umah memg die akan lepak umah ak..yela kan..umah die blakang umah ak j..

arinh irah g dafta kat poli sabak bernam..kewangan & perbankan islam
hope die le sucsess kat sne..

sdih gak la kan..ilang sorg geng ak kat umah..kalo x tiap mlm ktorg gosip..skli ngn zawani, adik die..
ak pon kje sorg j kat lakudang 2..yela, irah da xde..
tp xpela..ak sdih zawani lg sdih..irah 2 da jd rumate die 4 2 1/2 stgh pas irah kua maktab mahmud tyme f4 dlu..gpon irah 2 akak die..

irah & zawani

pape pon..AIMI ZAFIRAH...gud luck!yourshimi hapshida!ganbate kudasai!

yuki's note: 2nd gaji da dpt=)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


mst sume pon taw pasal cte juvana kan??

ak da gle tol ngn cte nh..sjak 1st tyme ak tgk kat umah ri2 ak da sangkot..
4 da 1st tyme weyh ak minat blik cte malay..haha
sbub ak minat??

jln cte menarik..xdela asyik2 CINTA j kan
cte pasal dak jht..chou nan ren (bak kte lela)..=D
OST yg sgt100x best! (smpai ak jdikan ringtone msj nset ak taw...)
ad unsur2 lawak..(apek n kedah r kan..haha)
botak yg sgt3 ske buli org..
daim yg sgt3 innocent..

conclusionnye..cte nh memg bole layan r...dri cte2 len..^^

yuki's note: pening pale nak wat proposal! idea...dtgla cpat..AMIN

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

-1st gaji-

4 da 1st tyme ak dpt gaji..dri partime kje ak skg..
epy gle kot kan..yela, slalu mara j bg

tp duit 2 memgla kne simpan..sbub duit cimb ak da 0 sen..
da la utang ngn my mom n my Wan pon xbaya abes g..aigoo

yuki's note: terharu sgt sbub dpt on9 mlm nh..haha

Saturday, June 4, 2011

-new xtvt-

dlu..tyme cti mesti kje ak dok dpn laptop, mkn, tdo, tgk tv, bce nvl, bce komik..
tp skg...cti ak punya xtvt da brubah 180 dgre..

sbubnye..dri kol 8am-5pm (but always until 7pm) i must 'play' with UDANG..
xde rest2 da..memg kje ak berdiri smbl susun da xd mse nak wat xtvt2 ak dlu..
at 1st cm memg xle time lnsg..yela music, no kdrama...can i live without them?NO! 1st..

but now, i think i juz can adapt 2 that work..i can play with the UDANG n maybe i can njoy doing that job..
smpaikan td..irah (my anak sdare) said.." plik j kan..kalo x msti skg nh kta tgh susun udang".." boring j skg..susun udang best gak"..haha..smpai cm2 jdnye

so..okla that job..bole la kot ak bertahan lg 2 months..=)

thats 4 now..1 week later i'll update!


feel like crying when i read bout daesung case recently
'he is the type that will blame himself if anything happen'..hyori n president yang said like that.. this case daesung will blame himself for the xcident

so sad..hopefully daesung can gain his confidence not want him to blame himself all the tyme
want to see him as cheerful in FO..


Sunday, May 29, 2011


cam plik j tjuk atas nh kan..

actually skg ak tgh wat part time kat lakudang @ known as kilang udang..
cye x cyae x? hehe
kje ak susun udang lam penat weyh..
bkn penat sbub susun 2..penat sbub kne diri j..xd duduk nh
smlm 1st day kje..dri kol 8-5 j actually tyme kje ak..
tp smlm 1st day da dpkse wat OT..2 hours untill 7pm
blik smlm memg la skit blkang, skit tgn, skit kaki n lenguh gle leher..
haishhh...xtaw la nak ckp pe kan..

walopun skit2, gaji die le tahan la..le la nak wat blanje tyme mara da xsupport ak t..
so..ak akn tros bertahan lg 2 bln! HWAITING!

yuki's note: MASTER at UTM @ USM????
kngkwn..any advice?

Monday, May 23, 2011

-49 days come 2 end-

so sad..da lme xtgk kdrama yg ending sdey sgt..
heroin die! juz imagine..penat2 lalui 49 days tok kembali idop..a week later mati gak..

the end of story..jh mati sbub aorta burst..then actually yk 2 akak jh..
memg 1 kebetulan..ys plak dpat jmpe ngn yk 4 da last tyme face 2 face..
thats the ending of diz drama..

btw...congrate 2 the scriptwriter sbub dpt wat nding yg len dri yg len..
n 2 the actor + actress sbub lakonan sgt best!

shin ji hyun
song yi kyung
han kang
song yi soo / scheduler
shin in jung
kang min ho

the best kdrama in 2011 for now..=)

p/s: thanx 2 ziyen coz introduce diz lela coz tlg jd dloader d saat2 bb zi wat hal^^

ok..smbg baby faced beauty n romance town jap~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

-new kdrama-

aishh...b4 nh da janji ngn dri sndri xnak cri pasal ngn cte korea lg tyme cti nh...
sbubnye kat umah xd tenet. t susah nak dload...
tp janji 2 terpaksa ku mungkiri sbub da TERtgk a few kdrama yg best...

romance town - sung yuri
a story bout a maid that works for a rich, handsome guy...

baby-faced beauty - jang nara
a woman (34 years old) that has been mistaken 4 25 years old n works as a fashion designer..

lie to me - yoon eun hye
a woman that lied that she has been married

2 bru cte yg ak da tgk..
da g 2 cte xkua g...

city hunter - lee minho, park min young, goo hara

ripley - micky, lee da hee

n 2 2 cte nh cm best n patot dtonton..
aishhh...jeongmal jinja! OTOKAE?!
seb baek xcri pasal ngn the greatest love n can u hear my heart..kalo x bertambah g la kdrama ak KNE tgk tyme cti nh

siyes byk cte best2 kua bln 5 nh..t ad cte park shinye n yonghwa plak..adoila
ahhh...xkisahla kan..asal cte2 2 BEST=)
conclusionnye...yuki max n kdrama + kpop songs cant be seperated..

so...which kdrama do u most anticipated of?^^

yuki's note: nampaknye cti kali nh kne byk lepak umah wan r tok dload kdrama...kekekeke...

k la...oyaisumi~

Sunday, May 15, 2011


td g jejln ngn ake, nab n lela...geng 4cast dlu..
best sgt..from 11am, ktorg g tebrau tgk wayang..cte PAUL
best gak la cte 2..lawak=)

then, g stulang tpi laut..tgkap2 gamba..cntik sgt view die..
ake kte sblah laut 2 da singapore..

pas2 g angsana..plan nak full.
so pas solat tros kua..
b4 blik singgah drive thru mcd..bli eskrem..hee
then, g sp bli tket n pasar mlm bli nasi ambang..>.<

ake n nab memg sure smbung cnh bln 9 t..lela j xtaw g..
pape pon..hope frenship kte akn kekal..insyaAllah..^^

my frenz..gud luck in ur future..saranghae!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

-last dinner 3 SSC-

last night we, FS, had a dinner at Pulai Spring Resort...n that was a memorable dinner that i'll not forget..
although the seat is not like we want, but we can still njoyed the dinner..
the food?delicious...flow of the majlis pon ok..

the end of dinner, we 've take pics...

here are some of them..=)

my table with nd n emy

wiv budak 2 1/2..willn't forget u all

the food

chingu ya...will miss all of u..

with anim n dayah...sweet


all my best friends

nab n lela..

zati n nisa=)



will not forget diz nite..
luv u all ^^

Saturday, May 7, 2011


kind of sad..only 2 more weeks here...n i'm gonna miss all of things here in UTM..
da dok UTM 4 3 1/2 years..n tbe2 sume kne berpisah..sdihnye!

da xd g kelas sme2...g kua jj..g mkn ptg sme2..lepak2 kat aras 2 1/2..tgk nite muvi..sembang2 pasal kpop (=D)..
i2 la lumrah kehidupan..tiap pertemuan pasti ad perpisahan..
hopefully kte sume xkan lost contact..still keep in touch..
n 1 more thing! da most important thing..kalo sespe da nak kawen 2 wajib jmput..araeso?

lela-ziyen-nd-mai-emy-aza-alia-fatin-pqah-other 3 ssc-ians


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


tarikh yg plg mendebarkan sjak 3 1/2 ak dok utm nh
sbubnye ari 2 ak nye presentation PSM..da la org 1st..kol 8.30am
wa!jeongmal!jinja!maildo andwae!busopta!
otokae?'s the truth..

actually..nak present 2 ok g kot..takot kne tembak ngn lect..
bkn tembak gne M-16 2 ye..tembak ngn soklan2 yg ntah la ak le jwb x..

tbe t..soklan2 yg dtnye sgtla bombastik or sgtla sng smpai ak xle jwb..cne?
memg..'sory dr..i dunno the ans' la jwbnye..
tp xnak cm2!
papepon ak akn try jwb..xksh la slh k x kan jwpn ak 2..=)

ATIKAH!HWAITING!u can do it!

4 kengkwn 3SSC..all da best 4 our last mission here, in UTM..
afte more assignment, presentation in UTM (4 those u don want 2 do master)


Saturday, April 23, 2011


a new boy band from korea..
consist of 5 guys..
jinyoung (leader + vocalist))
gong chan (maknae + vocalist))
san deul (vocalist)
baro (main rapper)
CNU (vocalist + rapper)

actually..i'm really love this new group!
coz of that 5 guys (especially jin young!)..their best songs..their voices..

bkn senang ak nak ske a new group..slalunye ak setia kat grup2 lme j..suju, dbsk, shinee, bb, shinhwa, snsd..

gpon da byk sgt new group skg nh..X-5, B-Block, a-pink, dal shabet n pape la lg..
but..those grup are not sooo in my taste..xcm B1A4..=)

thats all..daa~

* addicted to OK, only you, bling girl, remember, only learnt the bad thing*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

study week k?

actually stadiwik stat isnin oleh krana PSM nye report+prosiding+abstract kne anta, memg xstadi lnsg lg la lam mgu nh..
da la ak nye repot bru le anta arinh..org2 len sume da anta smlm..
sebab? sebab atikah aini nh memg terkenal ngn SKE WAT KEJE LAST MINIT!

da 2 mlm tdo 3 jam j..then siang memg xtdo lnsg..memg xde mse la nak landing2 atas katil tersyg ak 2..katil smpai da jd tempat keje ak..
(erk?..bkn ko memg slalu dok kat katil j k?)
memg la xpnh la b4 nh sume buku PSM+ketas+printer dok atas katil 2..ciap tdo bersme2 printer, laptop n ketas2 yg berselerak 2..aigoo..xtawla nak ckp pe..
nh bru degree,,blom master
'kalo perangai dok cmnh lg, cne la nak further master???


baikla..mlm nh kne stadi!tp b4 2 kne abeskan CS lu..da lme dload tp xtgk2 g..hee

k la..annyong~

p/s:emy..ak kawaii??haha
btw, tq:p
pasnh xyah ngamok2 da kat blog ye..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


juz now i got my GC result..n its not going to what i want..
there're NO product in the, that means i dont get what i want!

when i think back there're only few days to finished my thesis i bcome very3 tension!
dont know what to do..assignment not done yet..3 presentations next week..micheoso!

plus 1 more i going for master or work?
can anybody give me the answer?
well..both have their advantages..but which 1 is better?
actually i'm sick of doing experiments..i juz realize that i'm not a good researcher..
but if i'm going for a work with only degree, i'm afraid what lecturer said is true..that students tend to go back to uni for continuing their master when they are in industry..
so...which 1 i should go for???

ok..want to calm myself by doing catalyst least will reduce my workload..


Sunday, April 3, 2011

-chingu from Ajou Uni-

after i come back from korea, i never write an entry bout it..hee
it just because i'm a little bit busy with various kind of works (kekadang 2 xde keje tp cri keje sndri~)

for this entry, i just want to write bout my new chingu from Ajou.

she is soo jung..i think she is the best chingu i've met there. many things i learned from her. such as korean words n more about korea. she's very nice, kind n kyeopta~huu
soo jung ah~ bogosipo^^

right side is woo min n left side is geoun young..they are my lab partner during physical lab. woo min is a handsome and cool guy..jal sang kyeotda!(azza, mianhei..:))but he's a little bit quiet compared to geoun young. geoun young is a talkative guy. he always ask me about many things. plus, he always quarrel with soo jung. but they are good friend. soo jung said he is a type B guy because he is a playboy.haha..but he said he's not. he said that he love his yeoja chingu..^^

these are all my labmate during physical lab~

this is hye won..she is a pretty girl.yeopoji?~^^
she is my lab partner during organic lab and also my friend during organic class. love to friend with her because she's so nice~

he is min ho oppa~ he is 29..but still kyeopta!
he always play with his laser project in his lab. although he's a chem student but many his friends said he's a phisical student because of his project..huu..he also has created a UTM-Ajou group in FB..such a joeunnamja~

this is jung jin oppa~he also a cute guy.but already has a yeoja chingu..hehe
he is the leader of Ajou group that meeting us. plus, he also like TVXQ ecspecially xiah junsu.^^

she is hyeong..a nice girl~
easy to talk with and very friendly..hope to meet her again..

this is 'yonghwa'..hehe..i just don't know his name..actually his eyes look like yonghwa's..angurae?
jeongmalryeo..he look like a playboy but also already has a yeoja chingu..
he also is a chherful and happy guy. always make jokes..=)

during XRD session~

Dr. Wawi with 2 phd students..

hyeong wiv 'yonghwa'

last night there..==
i'll never forget all of them..being there such a good memory that should not be forget..=)
lastly, saranghae chingu ya~