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hangul is a korean writing system. created by king sejong during joseon dynasty. and hangul was completed fully around 1443-1444. the hall of worthies (jiphyeonjeon) is often credit for this work. jiphyeonjeon is an institute that made by king sejong to produce scholars in Gyeongbokgung palace.

b4 the used of hangul in korean writing system..all of them were using chinese writing system, hanja in their works. hanja is used hundred years ago. for hanja, only priviledge aristocrats (yangban) can write and read's different for common people during that time. they cannot read or even write hanja because hanja writing is quite difficult.

so..king sejong created the hangul for the commoner to easily write and read. in the beginning, the hangul system faced opposition from elite people and korean Confucian scholars because they believed that hanja is the only writing system. plus, they also worried that hangul could give threat to their status.

so..these are some of the hangul letters..

14 consonant letters
1. ㄱ (g); 2. ㄴ (n); 3. ㄷ (d); 4. ㄹ (l/r); 5. ㅁ (m); 6. ㅂ (b); 7. ㅅ (s); 8. ㅇ (-/ng); 9. ㅈ (j); 10. ㅊ (ch); 11. ㅋ (k); 12. ㅌ (t); 13.ㅍ (p); 14. ㅎ (h).

and its really easy actually. i know ckt2 la on how to write and read hangul^^

yuki's note: nh sume sbab tgk TWDR la..that why this hangul post come out..n memg btol la cte 2. pasal hangul, scholars, pasal serial killing n hidden root 2 xla kan..hee

credit to hangul wikipedia n TWDR


VannelleHekeleh said...

aku igt awat la tiba2 kua sejarah hangul ni....hahahaha...kot la hg tgh blaja bhsa korea plak ka..

yuki said...

interesting! kalo tgk TWDR 2 mcm2 halangan sejong king nak publish letters nh.

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MA Korea Traditional Writing (Hangul)