Saturday, December 17, 2011

-soo crush?-

lee soo actor that i just knew bout him. he is 185cm. so no wonder he is a model. n also he is GD friend. he has been starred in 2ne1 its hurts mv.

he starred in TWDR. as an assassin. the coolest assassin ever.=D
in this drama, he needs to kill many scholars. he is a guard to the leader of a secret group that want to gulingkan king of joseon, sejong king.
but, beside being assassin, he is sooo cool and we can say...fashionable?haha

so..these are some of his pics from the drama^^

always wearing half-mask in the beginning

soo cool

love his hairstyle!

da cm a girl kan..

n now look at his real pic

nsem x?

a model~

so..a new crush? no la. just love 2 see her cool face

yuki's note: pasnh bole tgk whats up untok tgk soo hyuk blakon^^

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zIyEn said...

mcm japanese daa~

yuki said... mix kot.haha

MidoRa No Habu said...

gmbr ketige xmcm kor lgsung..hehee.mix ye?

mun@warah said...

wah, blog tkah berwajah baru.
tapi tulisan utk bhgn komen tenggelam. xle nmpk.

gmbr pkai topeng tu dah mcm Amuk plak.yeah yeah!!! haha
x pun mcm Erik. watak dalam novel phantom of the opera tu.

yuki said...

xtawla lela mix k x.hehe

nd, mcm erik ye..amuk?eee..x!
btw, ak xtaw nak tuka kaler 2lisan 2.hee.katne?

~anchor~ said...

weh ryeowook is so much better than him except for the height part