Wednesday, February 15, 2012

-a story-

ad sorg master student from pakistan..die da 1 1/2 years doing master..then die convert to phd..
in order for him to convert to phd, die publish 6 papers wrote by himself n present it in front of 5 lecturers. n he passed it. actually he can only combine all his papers and submit phd thesis in june but he dont want..coz he feel like he can do better. so, he want to continue maybe another 1 year to finish his phd..

he is a son yg sgt taat pd parents. for the 1st 6 months, he didn't get any result. so he felt like give up already. he told his mom he want to go back but his mom didn't allowed him. so, he continue doing xperiment..alhamdulillah after 2 months he got lots of results and he can publish papers..

he only 28..even a phd student from indon yg da jd lecturer at indon uni for 18 years pon kagum ngn die. die xkedekut ilmu..he share everything he knows. ak pon sgt kagum ngn die~

yuki's note: td da wat IR..nak tgu wat TEM, SEM n XRD plak=D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

-dream high 2-

a new kdrama..just aired its 4th ep last!the concept is little bit diff compared to dream high season 1..the drama start with kpop group under OZ entertainment cant perform on TV for several months due to break the law. so eden group (JB n siwoo) & HerShe (leanne, nana, ailee) are transferred to kirin art school while their president take over the school..

shin hae sung, a genius in music but poor in singing talent. she is the best student in kirin but her singing skill is the worst. jin yoo jin, dream to become a rockstar. he dont like idol. he always stick with his guitar and do street performances.

when the six of them in a school, many things happened. haesung idolized JB. yoojin hate JB. leanne with her dream to become actress. siwoo being kick from kirin by his pres. nana is a perfect singer (like pilsuk in DH)..what will their dream lead to?

end of 4th ep, they will be having a monthly evaluation. haesung partner with leanne, JB with yoojin n others...but! they are considered as rival partner because one of them will be eliminated and remove to the worst class..that's the president tactic.

ermm..maybe haesung n yoojin will be in the worst class..but it's ok because in DH, samdong,hyemi,jingook,pilsuk also in worst class but they succeed, just wait n see=D

yuki's note: tkah, ko tgk DH 2 dlu dri RM80?what happen to you.. errr, da DH2 tu best sgt^^
ske yoojin,JB! n love dreaming by eden!