Thursday, September 1, 2011


H.O.T is a legend kpop group in korea
they debuted in 1996 n disbanded in 2001..
consist of 5 members

hee jun - leader
woo hyuk
jae won

at first..i wondered, why they said this group is a legend..
yeah..i just listened to their Candy n Haengbook..but with BB n SJ sang their songs
but yesterday, i downloaded a video that contain a part of H.O.T song..
when 1st time i listened it, i just felt like i already like that song..
jinja! that song is so catchy n makes me want to listen it over n over again^^

title of the song is WE ARE THE FUTURE..
like the song, the dance..
DBSK n SHINee also had sang this song

n now i realized why they said kangta is handsome..
he is soooooo handsome in his performance back 12 years ago =)

ok..going to download more H.O.T songs!
start to like them like i love SHINHWA

a legend - a begin of kpop boy band n girl group

p/s: ahh..SME really know how to chose a trainee n debut a wonder their artist are jinja daebak!...H.O.T-SHINHWA-S.E.S-BOA-DBSK-SUJU-SNSD-SHINee-F(X)