Saturday, April 23, 2011


a new boy band from korea..
consist of 5 guys..
jinyoung (leader + vocalist))
gong chan (maknae + vocalist))
san deul (vocalist)
baro (main rapper)
CNU (vocalist + rapper)

actually..i'm really love this new group!
coz of that 5 guys (especially jin young!)..their best songs..their voices..

bkn senang ak nak ske a new group..slalunye ak setia kat grup2 lme j..suju, dbsk, shinee, bb, shinhwa, snsd..

gpon da byk sgt new group skg nh..X-5, B-Block, a-pink, dal shabet n pape la lg..
but..those grup are not sooo in my taste..xcm B1A4..=)

thats all..daa~

* addicted to OK, only you, bling girl, remember, only learnt the bad thing*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

study week k?

actually stadiwik stat isnin oleh krana PSM nye report+prosiding+abstract kne anta, memg xstadi lnsg lg la lam mgu nh..
da la ak nye repot bru le anta arinh..org2 len sume da anta smlm..
sebab? sebab atikah aini nh memg terkenal ngn SKE WAT KEJE LAST MINIT!

da 2 mlm tdo 3 jam j..then siang memg xtdo lnsg..memg xde mse la nak landing2 atas katil tersyg ak 2..katil smpai da jd tempat keje ak..
(erk?..bkn ko memg slalu dok kat katil j k?)
memg la xpnh la b4 nh sume buku PSM+ketas+printer dok atas katil 2..ciap tdo bersme2 printer, laptop n ketas2 yg berselerak 2..aigoo..xtawla nak ckp pe..
nh bru degree,,blom master
'kalo perangai dok cmnh lg, cne la nak further master???


baikla..mlm nh kne stadi!tp b4 2 kne abeskan CS lu..da lme dload tp xtgk2 g..hee

k la..annyong~

p/s:emy..ak kawaii??haha
btw, tq:p
pasnh xyah ngamok2 da kat blog ye..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


juz now i got my GC result..n its not going to what i want..
there're NO product in the, that means i dont get what i want!

when i think back there're only few days to finished my thesis i bcome very3 tension!
dont know what to do..assignment not done yet..3 presentations next week..micheoso!

plus 1 more i going for master or work?
can anybody give me the answer?
well..both have their advantages..but which 1 is better?
actually i'm sick of doing experiments..i juz realize that i'm not a good researcher..
but if i'm going for a work with only degree, i'm afraid what lecturer said is true..that students tend to go back to uni for continuing their master when they are in industry..
so...which 1 i should go for???

ok..want to calm myself by doing catalyst least will reduce my workload..


Sunday, April 3, 2011

-chingu from Ajou Uni-

after i come back from korea, i never write an entry bout it..hee
it just because i'm a little bit busy with various kind of works (kekadang 2 xde keje tp cri keje sndri~)

for this entry, i just want to write bout my new chingu from Ajou.

she is soo jung..i think she is the best chingu i've met there. many things i learned from her. such as korean words n more about korea. she's very nice, kind n kyeopta~huu
soo jung ah~ bogosipo^^

right side is woo min n left side is geoun young..they are my lab partner during physical lab. woo min is a handsome and cool guy..jal sang kyeotda!(azza, mianhei..:))but he's a little bit quiet compared to geoun young. geoun young is a talkative guy. he always ask me about many things. plus, he always quarrel with soo jung. but they are good friend. soo jung said he is a type B guy because he is a playboy.haha..but he said he's not. he said that he love his yeoja chingu..^^

these are all my labmate during physical lab~

this is hye won..she is a pretty girl.yeopoji?~^^
she is my lab partner during organic lab and also my friend during organic class. love to friend with her because she's so nice~

he is min ho oppa~ he is 29..but still kyeopta!
he always play with his laser project in his lab. although he's a chem student but many his friends said he's a phisical student because of his project..huu..he also has created a UTM-Ajou group in FB..such a joeunnamja~

this is jung jin oppa~he also a cute guy.but already has a yeoja chingu..hehe
he is the leader of Ajou group that meeting us. plus, he also like TVXQ ecspecially xiah junsu.^^

she is hyeong..a nice girl~
easy to talk with and very friendly..hope to meet her again..

this is 'yonghwa'..hehe..i just don't know his name..actually his eyes look like yonghwa's..angurae?
jeongmalryeo..he look like a playboy but also already has a yeoja chingu..
he also is a chherful and happy guy. always make jokes..=)

during XRD session~

Dr. Wawi with 2 phd students..

hyeong wiv 'yonghwa'

last night there..==
i'll never forget all of them..being there such a good memory that should not be forget..=)
lastly, saranghae chingu ya~