Wednesday, April 6, 2011


juz now i got my GC result..n its not going to what i want..
there're NO product in the, that means i dont get what i want!

when i think back there're only few days to finished my thesis i bcome very3 tension!
dont know what to do..assignment not done yet..3 presentations next week..micheoso!

plus 1 more i going for master or work?
can anybody give me the answer?
well..both have their advantages..but which 1 is better?
actually i'm sick of doing experiments..i juz realize that i'm not a good researcher..
but if i'm going for a work with only degree, i'm afraid what lecturer said is true..that students tend to go back to uni for continuing their master when they are in industry..
so...which 1 i should go for???

ok..want to calm myself by doing catalyst least will reduce my workload..



~anchor~ said...

am in same situation as u apparently. *cry*
am not a good researcher too. *sigh*

sometimes i think people went back to studies coz they cant adapt to industry(a bit hell?).more like running away from reality. we are safe in our haven at the uni.

~anchor~ said...

well, i also haven't decided what to do.... damn. ottoke?

~anchor~ said...


saje memeriahkn comment ko. ^^

yuki said...

haha..memg down abis la smlam..skrg da ok ckt..
pape pon..kne finishkan PSM nh dlu.memg wat sakit pale j PSM nh..aja!aja!

~anchor~ said...

ye psm memang projek sakit mataaaa... haha fighting!