Tuesday, March 6, 2012

-upcoming kdrama-

this march, there will be another new kdrama..king 2hearts..rooftop prince..love rain..fashion king~
sume plakon cm best j kot.

king 2 hearts

a love drama between south korea crown prince that doesnt care bout politics with a north korean special force agent..
lee seung gi (my gf gumiho)
ha ji won (secret garden)

rooftop prince

a prince from joseon area travel to 2012 with his 3 other frens because his gf died. in 2012 he meet a girl with same face of his gf
micky yoochun (skk scandal)
han ji min
lee min ho (The moon embracing the sun)

love rain

a love story between a couple in 1970's but they never be together. now in 21st century their son n daughter meet up. will their love story end like their parents?
jang jeun suk (u're beautiful)
yoona (snsd)

fashion king

a hero that dont have any goal n dream until he meet the heroin. n they work together to achieve their dream to bcome a designer..maybe^^

yoon ah in (skk scandal)
shin se kyung (deep rooted tree)
lee je hoon
yuri (snsd)

sume pelakon2 agak best. seunggi, jiwon, ah in, sekyung, micky, keunsuk..n lee min ho TMETS! king 2hearts n rooftop prince will air on mon-tues while love rain n fashion king will air on wed-thur.. which drama will have higher rating? can king 2hearts maintain TMETS higher rating? yuri n yoona will be rival. whose drama will win? cant wait to watch all this drama..=D

king 2hearts vs rooftop prince...love rain vs fashion king

yuki's note: this means i'll have to dload 8 ep a week..cm xd keje j kan..hehe