Monday, July 16, 2012


gle lme xupdate blog..antara sbubnye ialah:

ak ad wat partime kat usm nh..1st- jge kdai (tp skg cti sem..kdai tutup.ak pon cti la)...2nd- translator for bi-bm sains n math..still working now.kepala pon da pening ngadap motion~need to finish this A.S.A.P. coz more work to be done.

td bru pezen progress project dlm grup meeting. prof ask to write more review bout previous research done bcoz my project is a known n popular project that has been done by many people juz diff catalyst. so, td tetbe rse cm 'ape patot ak wat nh?' chew, jimmy n wong said, i need to list all the LR n look into that seriously. really need to think bout it bcoz i'm not confident that my catalyst can be the best catalyst compared to the previous project.*sigh*...but i'll take the +ve way. do not panic n try to do it 1 by 1..but i really need to do it A.S.A.P!

juz now in meeting, prof said... doing POSTGRAD is all bout DISCIPLINE! ur intelligent is not the important thing, but DISCIPLINE..if no discipline, u wont be able to finish ur project rite in time..

tonite i need to finish the translate thing. dont want it to be a burden. dgn nak cri review lg..nk ngadap motion lg..pening!=S

lg 1 mende yg memeningkan kepala ialah: my COCOON cant be used anymore! dont know why..cocoon is important in order for me to open utube!..SB!!!!=( mesti ad hikmah nh..atlis i can concentrate to my work=D
bz2 pon xle yg ak layan memg GHOST, SHINBANG n RM a new man poor woman..ak da jd MALAS untuk mendload.i've change! many thing had change since i bcame a USM stdnt..sampai kak ct said that i'm a quiet person..really?? is soooo not me, ok! people change based on the environment. here, i dont have fren yg 1 suppose la ak berdiam dri kan..sumtime jeles kwn2 yg ad rmi kwn kat tempat dorg..but i know rezeki org lain2. hope for a good thing to happen here?=)
ujung mgu nh da nak puasa..i think this is the 1st Ramadhan yang memg akan letih sgt. imagine...bus dlm usm ad bus dlm RST xd..memg dri awal cti sem lg kne pnjt bukit tok blik blok. 1st time memg letih tp lelme cm da bese. cant be avoid kan. need to face it. so hopefully tyme puasa t xletih sgt^^..suppose tyme puasa la kne bersemangat sbub byk 'xtvt' tmbhn kte kne wat..bykkan amalan d bulan puasa is the best thing!

pnjg gle plak post nh..release tension gak nh actually. ok la..pd sume...SELAMAT BERPUASA n SELAMAT MEMPERBANYAKKAN AMALAN!^^

yuki's note: nak abeskan msc cpat! nak keje cpat! insyaAllah..wsalam~