Sunday, April 3, 2011

-chingu from Ajou Uni-

after i come back from korea, i never write an entry bout it..hee
it just because i'm a little bit busy with various kind of works (kekadang 2 xde keje tp cri keje sndri~)

for this entry, i just want to write bout my new chingu from Ajou.

she is soo jung..i think she is the best chingu i've met there. many things i learned from her. such as korean words n more about korea. she's very nice, kind n kyeopta~huu
soo jung ah~ bogosipo^^

right side is woo min n left side is geoun young..they are my lab partner during physical lab. woo min is a handsome and cool guy..jal sang kyeotda!(azza, mianhei..:))but he's a little bit quiet compared to geoun young. geoun young is a talkative guy. he always ask me about many things. plus, he always quarrel with soo jung. but they are good friend. soo jung said he is a type B guy because he is a playboy.haha..but he said he's not. he said that he love his yeoja chingu..^^

these are all my labmate during physical lab~

this is hye won..she is a pretty girl.yeopoji?~^^
she is my lab partner during organic lab and also my friend during organic class. love to friend with her because she's so nice~

he is min ho oppa~ he is 29..but still kyeopta!
he always play with his laser project in his lab. although he's a chem student but many his friends said he's a phisical student because of his project..huu..he also has created a UTM-Ajou group in FB..such a joeunnamja~

this is jung jin oppa~he also a cute guy.but already has a yeoja chingu..hehe
he is the leader of Ajou group that meeting us. plus, he also like TVXQ ecspecially xiah junsu.^^

she is hyeong..a nice girl~
easy to talk with and very friendly..hope to meet her again..

this is 'yonghwa'..hehe..i just don't know his name..actually his eyes look like yonghwa's..angurae?
jeongmalryeo..he look like a playboy but also already has a yeoja chingu..
he also is a chherful and happy guy. always make jokes..=)

during XRD session~

Dr. Wawi with 2 phd students..

hyeong wiv 'yonghwa'

last night there..==
i'll never forget all of them..being there such a good memory that should not be forget..=)
lastly, saranghae chingu ya~


~anchor~ said...

woo min oppa.....
soo jung, if you are reading this, please tell woo min oppa azza says hi... heheheh --,

yuki said...

haha..i'll let her know