Wednesday, February 15, 2012

-a story-

ad sorg master student from pakistan..die da 1 1/2 years doing master..then die convert to phd..
in order for him to convert to phd, die publish 6 papers wrote by himself n present it in front of 5 lecturers. n he passed it. actually he can only combine all his papers and submit phd thesis in june but he dont want..coz he feel like he can do better. so, he want to continue maybe another 1 year to finish his phd..

he is a son yg sgt taat pd parents. for the 1st 6 months, he didn't get any result. so he felt like give up already. he told his mom he want to go back but his mom didn't allowed him. so, he continue doing xperiment..alhamdulillah after 2 months he got lots of results and he can publish papers..

he only 28..even a phd student from indon yg da jd lecturer at indon uni for 18 years pon kagum ngn die. die xkedekut ilmu..he share everything he knows. ak pon sgt kagum ngn die~

yuki's note: td da wat IR..nak tgu wat TEM, SEM n XRD plak=D


MidoRa No Habu said...

wah ade kwan ovrsea ye...hehee..usm rmy pak arb jgk kan..

~anchor~ said...


Afiqah Saadon said...

wah ! hebat nya dia !

ko pun.. pergh ! dah nak wat TEM dah.. :)

yuki said...

aa lela..rmi sgt pak arab..bkn kwn ak pon nh..kwn akak phd tepi ak.hehe..

ala pqah..TEM bru..byk mende g nak wat!huhu

pe yg modennye aza oii..haha

Ginny Laura said...

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