Tuesday, December 13, 2011

-tree with deep roots-

i've been watching this drama lately..n this drama is...jinja daebak! sgt best. a historical drama never failed to get high rating in korea.

this drama start with..sejong king (king during joseon dynasty), who is afraid to make decision due to his own father, taejong (ex-king). one day, taejong ask guard to kill the king's father-in -law. the queen ask sejong to prevent it, but he can't. sejong nak lawan ayah die but his father's follower is too many.

the other side of this drama began with ddol beok, who his father died because of taejong. ddol beok willing 2 do anything for his father. sejong pnh selamatkan ddol beok dri dtgkap.
but he misunderstood. he thinks that sejong killed his father but actually taejong. so he want to kill the king..one day

many years pass, ddol beok bcome kang chae yoon n work as soldier in palace. at that time, lot of murder happened n that targeted scholars. As Kang Chae-yoon investigates these cases and gets closer to the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the killings. Because of his father's death as child, Chae-yoon has grudge against the King and his childhood sweetheart (so yi), who became mute, was taken as a court lady. and a doctor who happned to be assisnsan group who aslo grugde aganist Sejong for his brother's death

saejong (teen) - joongki^^
ddol beok (adult) - janghyuk
so yi - shin se kyung


Afiqah Saadon said...

ish2.. x habis2 lagi cite korea ko ea. :) cite zaman dolu2 kala pun ko layan gak. @_@' heee~
aku dah tak tahu cite2 baru. tukang cite sinopsis cite aku dah tak de.. :(

yuki said...

haha..ak universal bab2 kdrama nh.. sume genre ak layan.janji ad motif cte 2.=D

Afiqah Saadon said...

taw ! ko suka cite yg org jarang tengok.. hehe ;) utube da kena blok ea? hahaha.. sian dia.. hehe :P
btw, da stat lab? :)

yuki said...

haha..well. da kne block. memg cian ak..=(