Thursday, December 29, 2011

-RM 74-


rnh ak nak wat recap pasal running man ep 74..know why?becoz this ep is the best ep la among others..=D

this ep is the 2nd grand nh start with...

rm members need to find couple 2 enter the krismas party.

n jaesuk alone..pity him..being betrayed by haha.

after that, dorg dberi a magic potion each person..these are their powers...

jaesuk - space controller (can make a person be at wherever he wants)
jihyo - mind controller (know others power) & reflection (member who tear her tag will be out)
jongkook - six sense (know other members movements)
haha - time controller (back time)
gary - duplicator (has 4 other gary)
sukjin - phoenix (has 3 lives)
kwangsoo - death note (can write a name n that member will be out)

so..the battle begin..

first jh tore sj tag but he still have 2 other lives..jh, js, jk tore gary's tag..then, ks found his death note..he wrote js name. so js out.. sj, gary n js mad at ks becoz didn't wrote jk's name.
after that, haha n jk tore sj 2 others out..jh n jk wanted to tear haha's tag but haha used his power to turn back time to 1 hour earlier n then.....all members get their lives back. that is such a reversal of the game la..bayangkan..tgal 3 j lg tbe2 sume idup blik

so..the game began again..ks wrote jk name.jk out..ks tore jh's tag but he got out bcoz of reflection power. that tyme all members shocked bcoz not even a member knew jh's power. then, js n gary tore sj's tag..js use his power to called haha..but the finally bcame ally to tore gary's n jh's tags. haha tore jh's tag n gary tore haha's..the end, gary tore js's..n this make gary as the winner AGAIN..that's bcoz in the grand final season 1 gary also the winner..

gary received a present..a tour to europe! n he ask jh to come with him..jokingly..
actually kan..kalo haha xgne power die, jh will be the winner coz if jk tore her tag, jk will be out. so jh win..but....

for me la..this is the best RM..gud job la RM PD n writers..kan da kte dorg nh kretif sgt..^^

love RM soooo much~

yuki's note: mlm nh gayo daejun.xle tgk.tenet slow..seb bek ad kat utube. n luckily le tgk utube tp...xle dload..xpela.asal le tgk =)


misz eyla said...

i just watched this episode. best3!

zIyEn said...

btul3!ep plg best!tabik r dekat scriptwriter or whoever it is yg create this game...really creative!

~anchor~ said...

xtgk lg. nevertheless, RM is a brilliant show. hua3