Wednesday, December 14, 2011

-vampire prosecutor will come 2 end-

i'm just watching the 11th ep of VP..n the climax is there
means there 're so many questions that has not been answered yet!

who is the main vampire that killed taeyeon's sis n over hundred people?
who is taeyeon's superior actually? is he vampire too?
where is mr. park? n who is he actually?
is all taeyeon said is truth? or he is just create all the story himself? it is true that taeyeon actually kill all people like they all said?
can jung in n detective save him?
what ill happen in 12th ep?

aa! pening nak pk sume soalan nh..n all these Q will only be answered next week. can i wait patiently?

min tae yeon sgt nsem n cool!
yoo jung in sgt cute!
cte nh sgt best!
n i'll hope for VP 2^^

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