Wednesday, December 21, 2011

-new kdrama 2012-

10 days to 2012..

as far as i know, there will be some new kdrama that will be air in 2012..they are...

dream high 2
really anticipate it..dream high 1 sgt dream high 2?
the cast will be...kang sora, jiyeon (t-ara), hyorin (sistar), jinwoon (2am), kahi (after school)

the moon that embraces the sun
fantasy-historical drama...
kim soo hyun (dream high) n han ga in (yoo hee)..

king of chosun
a historical drama^^
lee byun hyun (iris) n han hyo joo (dong yi, shining inheritance)

shut up flower boy band
a flower boy drama.haha
ad L-infinite...

fashion king
yoo ah in (geol oh), shin se kyung, yuri

love rain
jang geun suk, yoona k cte2 nh? nantikan....=D

yuki's note: len kali drop hno3 2 ckt2..xdela smpai pH terover sgt jdnye..aigoo


zIyEn said...

looking forward to watch yoo seung ho's 'operation love' too..hee~

~anchor~ said...

has stop watching kdrama for a while