Tuesday, December 20, 2011

-running man-

running man is one of korean variety show or known as urban action variety...(2 ayat dri mr.google)
RM nh mcm v.show2 laen jgak..consist of 1 main mc n 6 other permanent guest. they are:

yoo jae suk (main mc)
kim jong kook
song ji hyo
kang gary
ji suk jin
lee kwang soo

n in each episode, there will be 2 or 3 guests.

run! do not walk! that is the 1st sentence that has been given by suk jin in 1st ep..yeah, mostly all the games involve running. until now, 73 ep has been broadcasted via SBS.

so..what RM is about?

its a fun v.show. can release tension when watching it. cant stop laughing.
in each ep, they will be divided into teams. then, the PD will give them missions. n which group can finish the missions first is the winner..sometimes, they conduct individual missions.

others, the missions for each ep will be going in various landmark in korea. n most af the places will make me like....'i want to go there!'..n they also had filem outside korea like china, thailand and hong kong!

examples of the games?

all the games are unique..n sometimes i wondered, who is these game creator? genius~
the games like....

speed quiz
one challenge game
find the guest
find items
relay song challenge

they will compete to win these games. the funny thing is when they are divided into teams, they will find a way or komplot with each other to eliminate jongkook first. that's becoz jongkook is known as commander or sparta kook, which his power is unbeatable. owh! here is the list of nicknames that they have..

jaesuk- grasshopper, yooruce willis, yoohyuk
jongkook- commander, sparta kook
jihyo- ace, monday couple gf
haha- haroro
gary- monday couple bf
suk jin- big nose hyung, dumb n dumber 2011, easy brothers
kwang soo- kwangvatar, dumb n dumber 2011, easy brothers


lots of korean celebrities has came to this v.show. like tvxq, snsd, park ye jin, kim sooro n other kpop group, actors and actress plus even comedian.
RM members like actress and girl group to come. hahaha. ecspecially haha. all pretty actress he claimed as the last person he loved..majimak saranghae!

the landmarks?

many places in korea has been the landmarks for theis v.show..

jeju island
incheon airport
seoul arts centre
hanyang university
company, bookstore, restaurant, street market

nowadays, RM has been an international v.show. maybe in korea needs to compete with 1 night 2 days (1N2D) and infinity challenges becoz those v.show are the veteran v.show in korea.
but! i think internationally, people love RM more. it has been proved in the thailand, china, hk episodes where hundred of people waited for them at the airport. even at their mission places.
n even VJ kwonryul n maknae FD have their own popularity outside the country..lucky kwonryul coz he is jaesuk VJ=D...if we looked at FB, the most followers for RM pages is come from malaysia. and again, its so different during the first time RM has been broadcasted back in july 2010. its not as popular as now.

special about RM?

jaesuk as the main mc
jihyo-gary as monday couple
jongkook , haha, gary as jongkook n 2 children
kwangsoo, sukjin as easy brothers

they bring so much laughter to RM. RM is really a unique, best, fun v.show.

today..RM has been reported as obtained rating viewer 19.2% in korea. just behing 1N2D. its nearly 20% already.congrate RM! n Cho PD said, they will be rest from doing RM outside the country and i think its better. i like RM doing in korea more than outside^^

Running Man hwaiting! hope the ep will be longer like 1N2D, infinity challenge...dun wanna it be like FO.just until 85..

miss active joongki very much..king sejong^^

RM saranghae!

info from wikipedia n allkpop

yuki's note: esok blik!^^


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