Tuesday, August 30, 2011

-hari raya-

annyeong haseyo!^^

today we, muslim celebrate hari raya..
it been celebrated after 1 month we fasting in Ramadhan
we will visit our relatives, ask forgiveness from them if we do mistakes, eat delicious food & 'kuih raya' & also get money (duit raya) from them

so..these are some photos for today

my family

the food - 'kuih raya'

visit my grandparents house - eating delicious food

delicious food - 'nasi tomato, sate'

food at neighbours' house

kids usually get money from adults - known as 'duit raya'

p/s: this post is specially for ajou students^^


~anchor~ said...


sedapnye weh!!
dont 4get to bring some kuih raya for me tau tau!


yuki said...

insyaAllah cik aza..memg ad bercdg nk bwk..=)