Wednesday, January 11, 2012

-RM 76-

killers vs RM

the guests are ji sungsoo..lee chunhee..joo sangwook

ep nh sgt byk surprises..the killers are sooo smart + macho but funny..

the game began with the 4 killers recruited kwangsoo n jihyo as their spies..fake spies actually
then, RM members need to unlock 4 computers to find hints. but, actually when they found the hints, they also eliminated the killers one by one. haha unlocked 2 comp n kjk 1.

the 4 killers killed all the RM members except kjk yet. the spies also been killed..
final battle kjk vs jinhee..n turn out that jinhee, the 4 killers won the game!

ok..the funny things..
chunhee is still clumsy as in FO. he dont even have enough strength to rip sukjin's tag. even the music for him in FO was being played in
kwangsoo being fake spy for the 2nd tyme
sungsoo being out while he actually right in the jail at the tyme..
kjk is actually not a computer friendly..means he dont know much bout comp..
kjk @ commander beg for his life from jinhee n thats make all RM members shocked..haha

btw, haha n kjk la hero this ep although they're not winning.=D

cant wait to watch RM77. more enjoy games in that ep. the 4 killers + IU as the guests.

yuki's note: the moon embracing the sun best!^^

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