Friday, January 13, 2012

-the moon that embraces the sun-

a new historical love kdrama.. 1 word for this drama..BEST! basically the sun means the king and the moon means the heroin of this drama. is the synopsis..

lee hwon, a crown prince fall in love with a daughter of scholar minister, yeonwoo. they loved each other. yeonwoo get to become a crown princess at her age 13. but queen dont like it. years later, yeonwoo become a shaman. prince yangmyung, lee hwon's step brother also love yeonwoo. n there is also 'pmpn jht' in this drama, bokyung. she is a daughter of a bad minister. that why her daughter pon jht..

actually b4 yeonwoo lahir, a ri (a shaman that has been sentenced to death) has predict that yeonwoo will attract disaster when near the sun but the fate will force her to stand by the sun's side and protect him. so..b4 a ri died, she asked her friend, shaman nokyeong to protect yeonwoo on her behalf.

so..cte nh akan ad pasal love, konspirasi2 jht dlm istana..yg pntg plakon2 die sume best. here are the main casts..

lee hwon : kim soo hyun (samdong dream high)
yeonwoo : han ga in (yo hee the witch)
yangmyung : jung il woo (scheduler 49 days)
bokyung : kim min seo (yeonsoo baby faced beauty)

plus..all the child actor n actress sgt pandai blakon. siwan zea as yeonwoo's brother, yeom. the main cast will only start appear in ep 6. n the rating for this drama is really impressive. 1st ep 18%..for 4th ep 23-25% tgi kan..

cant wait to watch 3rd ep!the eng sub sgt lmbt la kua. kan best kalo paham korean.sng j tgk.huhu

yuki's note: sok ad OSHA workshop..from 8.30 am till 6.15 pm. will be bored senior said. so i'll bring novel!^^


~anchor~ said...

pos cd kt aku t. heheh
cm best je tp xde kekuatan nk dnlod.

taula da borong nvel...

yuki said...

nak dload pon kne ad kekuatan ea?haha

ne ad borong..bli 1 j bru.=D

ina said...

interesting... one more drama-wild romance lee dong wook and lee si yeong... best2.. ;D

yuki said...

best ea wild romance?pnh trlintas nak dload sbub ad byk sgt cte nak kne dload..haha