Sunday, January 9, 2011

-DBSK, keep your head down-

dbsk, my fav grup beside suju has release their new album in a happy 4 me actually.but yea..there're only 2 of them (max, uknow)
never mind..i still luv them n it has been proof coz their new songs are jinja100x daebak!

the main track is WHY?!..n it's the best song along wiv the superb mv..nobody can challenge both of their vocal at MB, wonder they are called DBSK..:)
others..i like SHE n ATHENA i'm crazy listening 2 diz 3 songs..


*why (japanese version) also will b used as an OST 4 beautiful neighbour, a japanese drama which nakama yukie (my fav japanese actress) as da heroin..:)
cant wait 4 it!

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