Tuesday, September 4, 2012

-new kdrama-

lepas abes ghost n gentleman's dignity ingatkan nak insaf kurgkan kdrama..skali byk plak kdrama yg best! so here are the sinopsis ^_^


a drama bout eunsoo (kim heesun), a doctor from 2012 was kidnapped by choi young (lee minho) to goryeo dynasty back hundred years ago. actually queen goryeo kne stab kat leher.then konon they believed that a doctor from 'heaven' can cure her. so after eunsoo da rawat queen tu, she want to go back to 2012, but the king didn't allowed it. finally she had to live in goryeo dynasty. at 1st memg die xcye die kat mne. skg nh choi young n eunsoo dikejar oleh puak jahat yg nak amek alih goryeo..kerabat yuan, china. memg byk action cte nh. xlogik. sbub ad power bagai..tp menarik! ofkos i love choi young in this drama^^

arang and the magistrate

arang (shin minah), a female ghost want to know who is she actually becoz she dont remember a thing bout who she is, how she died, where she from. so he asked eun oh ( lee junki) to help her becoz eun oh can see ghost. when the truth revealed (bout who she is) n her corpse was found, arang go n see jade emperor to know how she died. but jade emperor gave her 3 months to find the answer by herself. so she become human back n team up with eun oh to find the answer. eun oh also in the middle to find his lost mother. then, sumting happened.actually eun oh's mother is hunting arang for the spirit. misteri ckt cte nh. arang sgt cute!

to the beautiful you

jae hee (sulli) came to korea to meet taejoon (minho). she want to convince minho to jump again since minho dont want to do high jump anymore. jaehee menyamar jd laki n enter genie high school. now she already convince minho to jump again. byk benda happened in this school. funny. chaegyul, 1 of her fren in genie like her without knowing she is a girl actually. taejoon now know that jaehee is a girl n try to protect her from danger. best..funny..sweet..from hanakimi =D

 may queen

this drama bout family, love, ocean n ship.. haejoo (kim yooung) has been seperated from her mother since she was a baby. jung dohyun kill her father n asked park gicheol to kill her too. but gicheol xsmpai ati nak bunuh baby tu. die letakkan haejoo kat sorg laki nh..11 years later, haejoo slalu kne marah ngn mak angkat die. but her father really love her like his own daughter. haejoo never know that she is not his father's dauther. kang san (park jibin), is a grandson of a shipyard CEO. kang san like to fren with haejoo sbub haejoo ad skill dlm welding even she can drive a boat. changhee (park gun tae), anak gicheol live as a really pity boy. die kne saba ble tgk dohyun slalu pukul ayah die.even anak dohyun pon slalu buli ayah die n die. changhee memg berazam tok success sbub die nak change his n his fathers life. haejoo's mother married with dohyun without even know that dohyun killed her husband n 'killed' her daughter. she believed that haejoo had died. ayah angkat haejoo da xsgup nak tgk haejoo idup dlm kesusahan since he know that who is haejoo's real mother. he want to tell the truth but gicheol langgar die ngn lori...=( cte nh sgt best. ske tgk child actor blakon. lively..ecspecially ske changhee. so sweet..kangsan cute.haejoo xpyh ckp r.memg pandai blakon. adult actor blom muncul..han jihye (haejoo)..kim jaewon (kangsan)..jaehee (changhee)..really anticipated their acting..but will miss the child actors like in moon sun..a great drama

kalo ditanya cte ne plg best..i cant answer.sbub ble tgah tgk faith, ske gle faith..ble tgah tgk arang, ske gle arang. n it happen too when i watch may queen n ttbu.=D..ad lg panda n hedgehog, the thosandth man, five fingers n soon coming nice guy.. kalo rajin le la ak tgk..tp cm bz skg nh.

yuki's note: cte2 nh ak tgk on9 je..cant dload.dont want to be blocked for the 2nd tyme ok..hee..

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